World`s Largest Contract

If Muhammad gets the full contract, suffice it to say that he will surpass his father. The Kansas City Chiefs have signed their star quarterback for a 10-year contract extension that ties Mahomes to the team through the 2031 season. While these sports contracts may seem astronomical, being a professional athlete is not a walk in the park. Even if you only deserve a place under the stars, it requires an immense culture of skill, determination, focus, and sacrifice. These players go through intense training and long hours in season and off-season. Travel also wreaks havoc, with players sacrificing time with family and friends to attend away games. So when you read about the biggest sports contracts of all time, think of all the blood, sweat and tears that go into these numbers! In this study, GOBankingRates aggregated notable contracts across several sports, ranking the most lucrative in descending order from lowest to highest. The study used data from Spotrac, MLB and ESPN to look at the contracts in more detail. Boxing, baseball and basketball contracts prevailed. In some cases, more than one player has reached the same contract value, so readers should expect certain values to be repeated. If you had to break it down specifically by the average amount of money per year, there would be more basketball contracts — like James Harden`s $228 million pact. For example, Stephen Curry`s $201 million contract wouldn`t qualify for this list because it costs $47 million less than Miguel Cabrera`s contract in terms of total value, but when you look at how much Curry earns per season compared to Cabrera, the Golden State Warriors star has an obvious advantage with an annual average of about $9 million more. Now, it`s important to remember that Trout`s contract is fully guaranteed.

Mahomes is not. If the trout never walks on the diamond again, he receives all the money. Mahomes has a $140 million injury guarantee. Without seeing the full contract, it`s currently unclear what guarantees and bonuses are in the contract for Mahomes to make all that money, but in case you`re curious, here are the top five deals on the list of all time, according to ESPN Stats & Information: Major League Baseball just added another entry to the list of the richest contracts in the sport. Mookie Betts joined the ranks of the $300 million MLB men when he signed a 12-year contract to stay with the Los Angeles Dodgers for the long term. The deal is the second richest in baseball history, behind only Mike Trout`s $426 million deal with the Los Angeles Angels, but both follow Patrick Mahomes` 10-year extension with the Kansas City Chiefs, putting the NFL at the top. 1 – Mahomes signed a 10-year extension on July 6, 2020. When the deal was first reported, it was estimated at 10 years for $503 million. Later, it turned out that this amount included the last years of the contract under which he was at that time and the money that remained on that contract. 2 – Alex Rodriguez`s salary for 2014 was reduced to $2,868,853 due to his one-season suspension in connection with the Biogenesis baseball scandal[105] 3 – Rodriguez and Greinke terminated their contracts after the 2007 and 2007 seasons, respectively.

2015 4 – Vick`s contract was terminated by the Atlanta Falcons after season 5 of 2006 – Based solely on regular season games (without playoff games), Still in baseball, starting pitchers usually pitch every five games and rest during the break between R`s departures – Retired injury – Although he is technically still under contract, the injury ended his career * – is no longer in the team ‡ – Total salary of the contract not guaranteed « People can say, that I am not worth this contract, » he added. « They can really say what they want. But they won`t hurt my feelings. As CBS Sports` Jason La Canfora reports, the reigning Super Bowl MVP will have a contract specifically designed to reward him with a percentage of his team`s salary cap — a first in league history. Aside from this feature, he`s already set to earn at least the most of all athletes in all professional sports, or up to $503 million over the next 12 years, the full duration of his contract. .